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Lefty's Candy Store | Lefty's Sports Cards

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Our Candy Store in Burlingame

Did you know Lefty's has a major candy section? One could even say we are a candy shop! Picture a treasure trove of confections nestled within a shrine of sports memorabilia. How could these worlds deliciously coexist?

It's akin to finding a spectrum of gemstones within a cavern of historical artifacts. At Lefty's Sports Card Store in Burlingame, California, an eclectic array of sweets sits amidst collectible relics. Here, candy isn't just a treat; it's a nostalgic journey that complements the time-honored tradition of collecting. From the vintage to the quirky, there's a flavor for every palate, encapsulated in each sugary delight that lines the shelves.

Sour Sensations at Lefty's

For the aficionados of tart and tangy treats, Lefty's Sports Card Store offers an unparalleled assortment of sour candies, sure to invigorate the palate. Devotees of the piquant will find bliss in intense options like Warheads, Sour Punch Straws, and Cry Babies—each provides an electrifying flavor that jolts the senses, delivering a mouth-puckering experience that's both immersive and unforgettable.

Ascending the sour scale at Lefty's is akin to a veritable "Sugar Rush" of acidity and zing. There's a gradation of sourness that can be tailored to the daring level of any connoisseur, ranging from the sharp bite of Sour Gummy Worms to the acerbic zest of a Lemonhead. At its zenith, the experience crescendos with the effervescent shock of Pop Rocks, ensuring that every visit to the candy selection at Lefty's is both a test and a treat to the palate.

Warheads and Sour Punch: Pucker Up!

Connoisseurs of the tongue-tingling, eye-watering delights, take heed: Lefty's Sports Card Store boasts an extensive collection of sour candies. Warheads and Sour Punch Straws promise a sensory explosion that will test the limits of your palate.

Tackling the sour realm at Lefty's can be likened to an odyssey through the extremes of tanginess. Amidst our range, Warheads offer a formidable challenge known to contort faces with their extreme sour profile, while Sour Punch Straws couple piquancy with chewy satisfaction.

Veterans of sour battles often hold Warheads at the apex of their conquests due to their intense flavor assault.

As you brave the sour onslaught, remember the Warheads motto: "Survive the Sour, Savor the Sweet." The acidic adventure begins with the initial pucker-inducing sour shell, leading to a rewarding sweet core, providing a complex and thrilling gustatory experience. Lefty's ensures that every candy enthusiast leaves with their sour cravings exquisitely satiated.

Crybabies and Sour Candies: Test Your Limits

The quest for piquancy begins with Crybabies.

Your journey through the sour spectrum at Lefty's Sports Card Store is not for the faint of heart. Crybabies, with their notorious reputation for inducing grimaces, stand as a testament to this daring adventure. Their intense sourness, derived from a meticulously perfected formula, swiftly overwhelms the senses before gradually mellowing into a subtle sweetness. Indeed, Crybabies are the acme of sour escapades for those who seek the ultimate challenge in candy form.

Prepare for a symphony of sour notes and tastes.

At Lefty's, the variety stretches beyond - we take pride in presenting an extensive catalog of sour candies to satisfy every preference. From the tear-inducing potency of Crybabies, to chewy delights such as Sour Punch Straws, our selection exemplifies the epitome of taste-bud-tingling fare.

Indulge in an crescendo of cheek-puckering goodness.

We continuously update our inventory to reflect the most exciting and innovative confections, promising aficionados a veritable cornucopia of sour candies every visit. Should you crave the latest in tart treats, rest assured Lefty's is committed to sourcing the most sought-after and exhilarating flavor-packed candies available on the market.

Classic Chewables and Pops

For those connoisseurs who cherish the time-honored classics of confectionery delights, Lefty's offers an extensive range of chewable candies and luscious lollipops. From the iconic Double Bubble, with its enduring flavor and nostalgia-provoking pink hue, to the much-beloved Tootsie Pops, which pose the indomitable question of how many licks it takes to reach the center, our collection is a veritable treasure trove for enthusiasts of traditional candy craftsmanship.

Amidst the shelves brimming with sugary inventions, Big Chew and Red Vines stand out as exemplary staples within our selection. Their distinctive textures — one emulating the chew of ballpark gum and the other the smooth, pullable twists of licorice — serve as a testament to the timeless appeal and simple pleasure that can only come from indulging in these enduring chewables and pops.

Double Bubble & Tootsie: Chew on This

In the realm of chewable confectionaries, Double Bubble sets a high bar with its long-lasting flavor profile and whimsical bubble-making potential. The iconic gum, a fixture in American culture, brings with it a palpable sense of yesteryear's simpler times.

Furthermore, the culinary appeal of these chewy delights lies in their remarkable ability to transport one to a bygone era of innocent joy. Tootsie Pops, fusing the chocolatey center with a hardened candy shell, beckon with an interactive challenge — a playful inquiry into one's patience and technique to uncover the hidden Tootsie Roll. Here, each layer unravels a different texture and taste, exemplifying a multifaceted confectionary experience.

Special mention must be made of the illustrious Tootsie Rolls themselves, iconic in their own right. As malleable morsels of chocolate-flavored taffy, they offer a uniquely tender chew that satisfies the most discriminating of candy aficionados, reminding us why these classics have stood the test of time.

Our assortment, meticulously curated, includes an arsenal of confectionery giants poised to ignite the senses. Both Double Bubble and Tootsie variants are prominent in their appeal, each offering its own signature experience. Whether it’s the robust burst of bubbles or the velvety chew of the cocoa-flavored treat, connoisseurs will find their cravings indulged. Memories forge anew within each unwrap and bite, rekindling the joy of timeless flavors while promising an odyssey through a haven of sweet, chewable delights.

Pez & Tootsie Pops: Timeless Treats

Nestled within our confectionery collection, Pez dispensers present a nostalgic charm. The simple thrill of a candy-dispensing gadget has delighted generations.

Introduced in the early 20th century, Pez candy has maintained its whimsical appeal through a myriad of pop-culture-inspired dispensers. These playful novelties have become collectible treasures, doubling as artifacts of confectionery history.

Moreover, the vibrant array of Pez flavors tantalizes the palate with each lift and snap of the dispenser’s head. This interactive candy experience continues to captivate both young and seasoned enthusiasts, transcending mere novelty.

As for Tootsie Pops, these lollipop wonders have intrigued consumers since their inception. Offering the ultimate question of how many licks it takes to reach the Tootsie Roll center, they fuse anticipation with instant gratification in a single, spirited confection.

Furthermore, these offerings are but a glimpse into the candy cosmos Lefty’s provides. Time-honored treats like Pez and Tootsie Pops serve as pillars amidst a universe of sweetness.

Novel Nostalgic Treats

Lefty's Sports Card Store stands as a bastion of confectionery delight, offering a treasure trove of sweets that stir the soul with memories of yesteryear. Whether one is seeking the puckering pleasure of Crybabies, the satisfying chew of Double Bubble, or the explosive zest of Pop Rocks, our selection spans the full spectrum of sugary satisfaction. Vividly colored and bursting with flavor, candies like Sour Punch Straws and Warheads challenge the taste buds with their delightful tang, while chocolates like Junior Mints and Red Vines provide a soothing counterbalance with their classic taste profiles. Presenting an emporium of candy, from the novelty of Big Chew to the gelatinous joy of Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms, or any Gummies! Lefty's ensures every visit is lined with the possibility of rediscovering beloved flavors or igniting a new passion for modern twists on sweet nostalgia.

Pop Rocks & Cigarette Gum: Retro Revival

Embark on a journey through time with Lefty's Sports Card Store's exquisite selection of vintage candies.

  1. Pop Rocks - Experience the effervescent eruption that revolutionized candy indulgence in the 1970s.
  2. Cigarette Gum - Ignite childhood memories with this controversial yet iconic novelty gum of bygone days.

Our Pop Rocks transport you back to the days of disco with their unique, fizzing sensation.

Each piece of Cigarette Gum evokes a blend of whimsy and nostalgia, a throwback to a different era of confectioneries.

Big Chew & Red Vines: Old School Favorites

At Lefty's, we revere the classics, like Big Chew and Red Vines, which continue to captivate candy aficionados.

  1. Big Chew - Savor the satisfying chewiness and rich, full-bodied fruit essence that transports you to the halcyon days of youth baseball.
  2. Red Vines - Delight in the subtly sweet, delightfully chewy texture of these iconic licorice twists that have been a staple in American snack culture for generations.

These beloved candies are bastions of tradition in a rapidly evolving confectionery landscape.

With their timeless appeal, Big Chew and Red Vines stand as testaments to the enduring legacy of classic candies.

Gummy Goodness Galore

Submerge yourself in a sea of squishy, stretchy, and spectacular gummy delicacies at Lefty's, where the selection is unparalleled.

From the standard bear-shaped treats to the elongated, wriggling worms, our collection of gummy candies comes in an array of shapes, sizes, and fruit flavors that embody a world of fun and enjoyment for gourmands of gelatinous sweets.

These chewable delights, steeped in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and enveloped in a range of textures from tender to tangy, promise an adventure in every bite.

Bears and Worms: Gummy Variety

Succumb to the chewy allure of gummy favorites.

At Lefty's, we revel in the diversity of our gummy selections. Our shelves are lined with vibrant jars filled to the brim with gummy bears and worms, each a microcosm of flavor and fun. From classic fruit assortments to innovative sour infusions, these gelatin-based treats are fashioned to ignite your taste buds and transport you back to simpler times.

Embrace the spectrum of gummy confections.

Delve into an array of choices, where the sweet meets the sour. Our gummy bears are not just a feast for the palate but also for the eyes – a dazzling variety that spans traditional favorites to modern, piquant twists. Similarly, gummy worms slither into the mix, offering an elongated counterpart to their bear-shaped kin, begging for a playful and delectable munch.

Discover a world embedded in every gummy texture.

As connoisseurs of confectionery finesse, we've curated a selection that boasts incredible chewiness and mouthwatering elasticity, each gummy bear and worm meticulously crafted to deliver an impeccable gastronomic experience. At Lefty's, the harmony of exquisite flavors and impeccable textures in 2023 reflects our commitment to bring together the highest quality gummy variety for our discerning clientele.

Junior Mints & Sour Straws: Unique Chew Choices

Envelop your palate in the cool, creamy richness of Junior Mints, a delightful contrast of flavors and textures.

  • Junior Mints: A smooth mint fondant encased in a dark chocolate shell—timeless and refreshing.
  • Sour Punch Straws: A tangy, chewy delight offering an exhilarating balance of sour and sweet.

These classic mints provide a silky, melt-in-your-mouth experience, paired beautifully with the cinema.

Dive into the zesty world of Sour Punch Straws, intertwining the essence of fruit with a brisk sour kick.

Come on down to Lefty's and get some candy for yourself or a loved one!


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